Saturday, October 2, 2010

Things you just shouldn't have to go without

So on my list of things is my phone :( which has been MIA since Thursday. Part my carelessness, part some jerk who stole my phone at the gym results in no camera ability so today instead of posting a recipe  I am going to rattle on about one thing no convert should have to go without. I'm sure there are those of you out there that long for a good chocolate milk substitute. I mean flavour people! 

I find most brands of rice, soy, hemp etc. just don't make the cut. Yes they can be tasty (or lets be honest, not very tasty at all - I'm looking at you hemp) but the one brand that rings my bell and accompanies muffins & cookies like a champ is looking right at you! May I introduce....

Honestly I've gotten funny looks for the way I savour a cup of this chocolatey goodness. I drink this bad boy solo, with baked goods or in my coffee (words cannot describe). The vanilla is great as well but we're talking chocolate milk here and this one knocks the others out. I bet even real chocolate milk is a little uncomfortable knowing that Almond Breeze has joined the ranks.

You could grab it unsweetened but thats just silly. We're talking chocolate here.

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